Eagle Eye Investigations tracks down an ancient artifact for a noble client.

With new employees, Eagle Eye Investigations looks for stolen corporate secrets during a trip to Venus.

Things get darker for Eagle Eye Investigations as Klaus's stay in the tranquility center comes to an end.

Klaus deals with his creepy situation and Jack is called on to find Inquisitor Salvatore.

One of Klaus's former students comes to him for help, Eagle Eye Investigations has a very successful night, and Klaus has a very bad night.

We return to the dark streets of Luna City. Jack and Klaus must get to the bottom of a murder-suicide before Jack is hit by the fall out.

After updating the mechanics, we take another dip into the underworld of Luna City where the characters uncover more than they bargained for.

An old 90's Sc-Fi game given a noir spin.  P.I.'s investigate a disappearance while dealing with religious zealots and mutants in Luna City.

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