Jet planes, space age gadgets, and secret island bases, all in the conclusion to our '60's spy story.

September 22, 2021

FATE : Codename UNITY, part 3

Our spies attempt some late night espionage in their pursuit of P.R.O.F.I.T.

A one-shot of the OSR-ish Maze Rats. Adventurers look to steal an item of great power from a wizard. I'm sure it will go well.

Our spies do some investigating and partying in this episode.

A short arc inspired by the '60's spy genre. Our super spies must find a missing Saturn rocket booster.

In our 200th episode we meet some new Dwarves who have their own little side adventure during the main events of our Burning Beards campaign.  

A Monster of the Week one shot where an angel and a ghost attempt to help the chosen one.

A fight with the giant insect avatar of The Crawler, in the conclusion of our arc.

Will Bonham be able to use the ancient power or be corrupted by it?

Will the ancient powers of the ruins be rekindled or buried forever?

Our pirates try to discover more about the ancient city and investigate who else is here to unearth the secrets.

In a one-shot of the OSR-ish Maze Rats, adventurers pursue treasure and governmental reform.

Discover what our pirates did during their voyage to the southern continent and witness the horrors they encounter when they arrive.

Old rivals and hidden threats are encountered in Dry Rum Anchorage.

Strange parasites, thievery, bad decisions, and toxic masculinity are all in play for this episode.

Our pirates look to silence Bill the Mute and abscond with the Devil's Strumpet before anyone learns of their plans.

Grab yer cutlass 'n' flint lock, ye grog faced spit weasel! It's time to steal a map, steal a ship, and set sail for ancient treasure.

The crew is sent to take a war criminal into custody.  

In the conclusion of our DoD arc, the party attempts to deal with Koshem cultists in Torsburg. 

How deep does the Koshem cult conspiracy go? The party starts digging.

The quest to end the lawless slave cartel and bring justice to the universe begins with this session of the PbtA Sci-Fi game Impulse Drive.

The party delves into the dungeon of the Koshem cultitsts.

The party investigates the mysterious death the the head priest of Torsburg.

The party deals with the strange circumstances at the monastery.

Another adventurer joins the party and they meet a strange character while investigating the nearby monastery.

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