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July 3, 2020

Episode links organized by game system and campaign


     Burning Beards

              Part 1

              Part 2

              Part 3

              Part 4

              Part 5

              Part 6

              Part 7

              Part 8

              Part 9

              Part 10

              Part 11

              Part 12

              Part 13

              Part 14

              Part 15

              Part 16

              Part 17

              Part 18

              Part 19

              Part 20

              Part 21

              Part 22

              Part 23

              Part 24

              Part 25

              Part 26

              Part 27

              Part 28

              Part 29

              Part 30

              Part 31

              Part 32

              Part 33

              Part 34

              Part 35

              Part 36

              Part 37

              Part 38

              Part 39

              Part 40

              Part 41

              Part 42

              Part 43

              Part 44

              Part 45

              Part 46

              Part 47

              Part 48

              Part 49

              Part 50

              Part 51

              Part 52

              Part 53

              Part 54

              Part 55

              Short Beards


      Burning Seas

              Part 1

              Part 2

              Part 3

              Part 4

              Part 5

              Part 6

              Part 7

              Part 8

              Part 9


      Burning Marjura

              Part 1

              Part 2

              Part 3






     Sword & Sorcery

              These use a couple slightly modified versions of FATE.


             Episodic One-shots (I)

                  Two Had Adventure Thrust Upon Them

                  Phantoms, Ferryman, & Fane

                  The Haunted Zikkurat

                  The Molten Lakes of Pleea


             Episodic One-shots (II)

                  The Souls and the Sorceress

                  The Rescue?

                  Paradigms of the House of Grognak, Part II

                  It’s Nice to be Wanted

                  Days of Future Past


             Episodic One-shots (III)

                  A Bad Trip


             Archived episode from the prehistoric past



     Spirit of the Century

              Episodic One-shots

                  Cuban Contract

                  Sterling Silver

                  Geneva Convention

                  Aurora of Death, part 1

                  Aurora of Death, part 2

                  North to Alaska

                  Roof of the World


              Convention One-shot

                  Vizer of Villainy


              Archived episodes from the prehistoric past.

             Quality of these may be even lower than current standards.

                  Scourge of the Skies

                  Manchester Murder Mystery


    Code Name UNITY

              '60's spy action

                  Part 1

                  Part 2

                  Part 3

                  Part 4



              Episodic superhero one-shots using FAE

                  City Hall

                  The Good Guys

                  Daddy Issues


     Harbor City Irregulars

              Episodic D-list superhero one-shots using FAE

                  Space Nuns

                  The Great Mondini


     Fairy Tales

              One-shots using FAE

                  A Fractured Fairy Tale

                  The Silver Hare


     Bureau 13

                  Odd Rock, part 1

                  Odd Rock, part 2



     Monster of the Week

              Trouble Fixers (mostly episodic one-shots)

                  Shadow of Doubt

                  An angel Came Down  

                  A Vampire of Course  


                  'Ganger Banger  

                  Witch Hunt  

                  Remember Me  

                  The Fog  

                  Press, Knee, Slug  




                  Fringe Files

                  Not Buffy


    Uncharted Worlds

              Tales of the John Henry

                  Part 1

                  Part 2

                  Part 3

                  Part 4

                  Part 5

                  Part 6

                  Part 7

                  Part 8

                  Part 9


    Impulse Drive

                  Last Resort

                  Judgment of Morbius


    Mutant Chronicles / Chronicle of Mutants

              Episodic One-shots

           First episode uses 1st ed. MC rules, others use a PbtA hack

                  Night and Luna City

                  Liars, Guns, and Money

                  Old Friend, Dead Friend


                  Strange Dreams and ...


                  Venusian Lullaby

                  The Dark Disk


    World of Dungeons


                   The Ape & the Angel

                   The Iron Cloud

                   Big Pineapple

                   Quest for the Murder Sword

                   Spirit Swamp

                   Raiders of the Lost Gauntlet



    Dungeon World

              Episodic One-shots

                   Falling Star

                   Along the Stone Way



                   Burning Inn


    Apocalypse World

                   Black Gold


    Ghost Lines

                   Ghosts on a Train


    Hazard Pay

                   Hazard Pay



              The Far Seas


                  Part 1

                  Part 2

                  Part 3

                  Part 4

                  Part 5

                  Part 6

                  Part 7


              Pursuit of the Past 

                  Part 1

                  Part 2

                  Part 3

                  Part 4

                  Part 5

                  Part 6

                  Part 7

                  Part 8


              Episodic One-shots

                  Adventure in the Wilderlands

                  The Tamar

                  Negotiating Tactics



                  Beasts on the Border



              The Fall Festival

                  Part 1

                  Part 2

                  Part 3

                  Part 4

                  Part 5

                  Part 6

                  Part 7

                  Part 8



       Various games we've played for a one-shot or two    


           Fairy Ring

                  Vale of Winter


                  The Brass Monkey Ball

                  Go Team Super Science

          Lady Blackbird

                  Lady Blackbird

          Lasers & Feelings

                  Lasers & Feelings

          Maze Rats

                  The One with the Ruby

                  The Other One with the Ruby




                  El Phoenix & the Demon vs Satan's Drug Cartel



                  The Island


                  The Crimson December

          Sorcerers & Sellswords

                  Desert, Danger, & Dancing


        Various archived games from the prehistoric past

        Quality of these may be even lower than current standards

                  Don't Rest Your Hammer

                  Games from MonkeyCon 0 & 1

                  GM-less games (TTWR & Ocean)

                  Hardwired Hinterland

                  Mutant Dark

                  Zorcerer of Zo - A Wedding in Zo  

                  Zorcerer of Zo - Twisted Tales  





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