September 2, 2013

Mutant Dark

The old Mutant Dark episode has been added to the archive.  This is Wilhelm's hack of the Cthulu Dark system set in a dystopian future.  He also edited this one; so, let him know how great a job he did and how you want him to do more.

With this all the old episodes are now available at

Mutant Dark

I've added our SOTC Manchester Mystery sessions to the archive.

This adventure was based on part of an old Lords of Creation module by Tom Moldvay called 'The Horn of Roland'. 

Manchester Mystery

July 19, 2013

Promos & Archives

I've put together some promos for the show, check the links on the right. I chucked one down the feed for anyone who catches the feed and doesn't check the website.

Also, I've added some more old episodes to the Sunday Skypers collection on

First, the earliest Sunday Skyper episodes: Darfo's 'Twisted Tales of Zo' games (including the... shudder... 'riddle' session)

Second, a collection of GM-less games: Ocean and Zircher's own 'The Trouble with Rose'

Kedamono's Hardwired Hinterland games from the old feed have been added to the archive.  It's kind of a documentary about air pirates and boxing orangutans .

Hardwired Hinterland Archive

The Dwarves continue organizing their great expedition.  Of course organizing Dwarves is like herding cats.  There is a challenge to leadership, the search for more beer, and getting our revered elders drunk.  Enjoy. Also, it's time to start thinking about MonkeyCon Two this October 18 & 19.  Zircher's got the conplanner up (MonkeyCon planner); so, it's time for GM's to start posting their games.  Swing by the forum for MonkeyCon discussions (Forum Discussion) Some of the MonkeyCon Zero & One recordings that were previously posted on the old feed are available on (Sunday-Skypers MC0 - MC1)

Burning Wheel and the dwarves will be back, but first a one shot of Wilhelm's sword & sorcery FATE hack.  It starts with cannibal pirates and ends volanically; so, what's not to like.. Our first S&S one shot is archived here : If you're interested in the character sheets check the forum :

April 28, 2013

A Wedding in Zo

Another episode on the archive. Wilhelm GM'd this Zorcerer of Zo one shot about children (and a toy) foiling villainous plans at a royal wedding.

ChloroformRomance.jpg Here's a link to the archive of our first Spirit of the Century story arc. There is the character creation episode and seven game play episodes.  It starts out a little rough, but a lot of entertaining things happen in the latter half. And enjoy Wilhelm's artistic rendering of a scene from the adventure.

April 24, 2013

Don’t Rest Your Hammer

We'll be putting most of the old episodes up on so as not to clog up the current feed with repeats.

Up first is Wilhem's hack of Don't Rest Your Head set in the old world of Warhammer. This game was a lot of fun and worth a listen or a re-listen.

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