A pair of adventurers seeking a lost gauntlet of power. Just another Tuesday.

With new employees, Eagle Eye Investigations looks for stolen corporate secrets during a trip to Venus.

A journey through a dying swamp to find an evil wizard. 

A Monster of the Week one shot where an angel and a ghost attempt to help the chosen one.

The crew is sent to take a war criminal into custody.  

The quest to end the lawless slave cartel and bring justice to the universe begins with this session of the PbtA Sci-Fi game Impulse Drive.

World of Dungeons meets Paranoia in the one page dungeon 'Teleportation Administration Substation Big Pineapple' (by Luka Rjec)

In a World of Dungeons one-shot, greedy fools go to die in The Iron Cloud (by Caelum Roberts).

October 9, 2019

Hazard Pay

Troubleshooters take a shady job in a failing colony on Titan in this Sci Fi World of Dungeons hack.

A group of adventurers Quest for the Murder Sword (by Johan Nohr) in a World of Dungeons one-shot with special guest Craig from the Big Red Couch.

Things get darker for Eagle Eye Investigations as Klaus's stay in the tranquility center comes to an end.

Klaus deals with his creepy situation and Jack is called on to find Inquisitor Salvatore.

One of Klaus's former students comes to him for help, Eagle Eye Investigations has a very successful night, and Klaus has a very bad night.

We return to the dark streets of Luna City. Jack and Klaus must get to the bottom of a murder-suicide before Jack is hit by the fall out.

Members of a shady organization investigate a strange death.

This is an improv one shot not connected to our previous MotW arc.

After updating the mechanics, we take another dip into the underworld of Luna City where the characters uncover more than they bargained for.

On the season finale of Monster of the Week: The Trouble Fixers are on a mission to put an end to the hidden evil.  What could go wrong?

On this week's episode of Monster of the Week: Do the dead walk? Are wealthy entrepreneurs evil? Do players make ridiculous plans? Yes, yes, and yes.

February 21, 2018

Monster of the Week - The Fog

On this week's episode of Monster of the Week: What's in the fog? Only what you take with you.

On this week's episode of Monster of the Week: bits of the past come back, things are forgotten, and the future is uncertain

On this week's episode of Monster of the Week: if she weighs the same as a duck...?

On this week's episode of Monster of the Week, who isn't who he appears to be and who gets shot?

On this week's episode of Monster of the Week, that episode that has some arc stuff in it, but doesn't really stand on it's own.  Every series has those eventually.

Our adventurers begin their quest to help the creature from the stars build its ship.  What will they encounter on the way to the Dwarves?  False accusations? Vicious cut-throats?  Mounted Ogres?  Who knows?

On this week's episode of Monster of the Week, the gang face a vampire. But, are they the only ones after it?

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