The characters look to make a bit of quick coin plundering some ancient ruins.

Our heroes execute their plan to acquire a Parthenian.

The characters get involved in business arrangements while looking for information on Parthenians.

The characters spend some time in Cymril gathering information and making new friends.

The characters investigate an ancient wizard's keep.

The characters aid the Dhuna ritual & get help translating the ancient inscription.

The characters go in search of the forest demon.

A group begins their search across Talislanta for secrets of the Forgotten Age.

A group from the Seven Kingdoms investigates activity on the border.

In our third shot with Shuk, Blade, & Kong, they attempt to turn some of their looted goods into cash.

In this one-shot, we return to our 1st ed Talislanta characters as they struggle with bandits, magic, and their morals.

Will Valentine and Zamul battle each other for their freedom?  Will Suk find a way to free Vana?  Find the answers in the final episode of The Far Seas.

Suk checks on Vana's fate; and Valentine finally sees a way out of his troubles, much to Zamul's chagrin.

Not to be left out, Vana joins in the backstabbing, triple crossing, and bad decisions.

Will Valentine come up with a plan to escape Quan justice? Will Suk betray Valentine? What are our old friends Kazu & Kaishen up to?  
Find out in this episode filled with lies, backstabbing, and double dealing.

Valentine runs from trouble, Suk considers helping Valentine, Vana considers violence, and Zamul fumes at the lost business.

Prequels? Yes, a couple fill-in one shots that were used to introduce the system before we started the main adventure.  Zamul & Valentine have their dinner interrupted and Suk & some Kang have a bad night. 

The characters meet new people, try to avoid old enemies, and have an eventful night under the Talislantan moons.

We start a new story arc in the classic RPG world of Talislanta.  In this episode there is a bit of character creation, backstory discussion, and then our characters meet while sailing in the Far Seas on their way to the Quan Empire.  

For those interested, you can find all the past books in the Talislanta pdf library.

Music used was composed & orchestrated by Stephan M. Sechi. Get the Wizard Hunter album at DrivethruRPG

In this one-shot, we set the way-back machine for 1987 and Talislanta 1st edition for a bit of old-school sword & sorcery tomb robbing, when we dust off the intro adventure by Stephan Michael Sechi.

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